Baby Eltes Bris, Thornhill

Welcome to the world, little one.

My son’s bris was on a Saturday in a synagogue. I stood at the back of the women’s section and missed the whole thing, and of course, since it was on Shabbat, there is not one photo.

I was so honored that I was able to document and capture this very important day for this adorable young man and his three big sisters. Oh, and his parents too.

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Binyamin Goldman’s Bar Mitzvah Shoot

I love when clients are up for anything! And the Goldman family was just awesome and indulged me when I requested that we shoot in Wychwood Barns. It is my favorite place to shoot in the entire city of Toronto, and trust me when I tell you that we have no shortage of lovely places in this city. But to me, everything about it is just wonderful.

The Bar Mitzvah boy and his siblings were such hams — I had such a giggle going through all of their silly shots.



goldman6Goldman2 goldman3

goldman4   goldman7 goldman8

Kanner Family Mini Shoot, Thornhill

This little beauty was all bows and smiles until she realized that it was freeeeeezing and crazy windy outside. But that face — even her frowns are delicious.

kakannerweb1a kakannerweb2a kakannerhero

kakannerweb5   kakannerweb4 kakannerweb3a