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Baby Eltes Bris, Thornhill
  • Baby Eltes Bris, Thornhill

  • Welcome to the world, little one. My son's bris was on a Saturday in a synagogue. I stood at the back of the women's section and missed the whole thing, and of course, since it was on Shabbat, there is not one photo. I was so honored that I was able to document and capture this very important [...]
  • Binyamin Goldman's Bar Mitzvah Shoot

  • I love when clients are up for anything! And the Goldman family was just awesome and indulged me when I requested that we shoot in Wychwood Barns. It is my favorite place to shoot in the entire city of Toronto, and trust me when I tell you that we have no shortage of lovely places in this city. But [...]
Nicola Family Shoot, Edwards Gardens, Toronto
  • Nicola Family Shoot, Edwards Gardens, Toronto

  • I have wanted to take photos in Edwards Gardens for a very, very long time, and I jumped at the chance when the Nicolas suggested it. There are almost too many beautiful spots for photos there — streams and bridges and lush trees — and we tried to explore each one.
Gabay Family Photoshoot, Toronto
  • Gabay Family Photoshoot, Toronto

  • Oh, these four brothers! They were loud and quick and silly and just did not want to sit still. And so, so awesome. What a pleasure it was to photograph them under a canopy of the most stunning fall foliage.  
  • Maya's Bat Mitzvah Party, Toronto

  • I was so excited to get a chance to photograph Maya and her sisters before her bat mitzvah party began. The park behind their house was glorious, and we took advantage of the gorgeous golden hour (while her little brother napped). Maya's party was in her living room at her house, and I've never seen[...]
  • Atara's Cake Smash

  • Here's what happens when you put a giant cake in front of a baby: She'd rather eat her sister's pretzels. Atara played around a bit with the icing, but mostly was uninterested in cake the which was a huge shocker for me because CAKE. We still had lots of fun and laughs, though. And lots of pretze[...]
Plener Family Shoot, Thornhill Woods
  • Plener Family Shoot, Thornhill Woods

  • I was so happy that the Plener family called me for a second shoot this past fall. I photographed this family—who coincidentally turned out to be my neighbors—just days after their baby boy was born so it was fun to see how much both he and his big sister had grown in what felt like the blink of an [...]
Rosenberg Girls Mini Shoot, Thornhill
  • Rosenberg Girls Mini Shoot, Thornhill

  • "I could never love anyone as I love my sisters" —Jo March, Little Women I am lucky enough to have gotten to know these four amazing sisters quite well over the last few months. They are so beautiful, inside and out. And they were such a delight, full of spunk and personality, hugs, and, of course,[...]
Hofman Family Shoot, Thornhill
  • Hofman Family Shoot, Thornhill

  • I was lucky to have this one-year-old birthday's boy's cousins around to laugh and make silly faces. We took cracker breaks, of course, but we sure had a fun afternoon on one of the few gorgeous days Toronto got this summer.  
  • Sadofsky Family Shoot, Thornhill

  • One of my biggest challenges—as a photographer who likes to shoot in beautiful parks—is that parks are much, much more interesting than the crazy lady with the giant scary camera. Thankfully, though, these boys brought along their own amazing bubble blowing machines and Timbits, and I brought the ro[...]
Rubin Family Photoshoot
  • Rubin Family Photoshoot

  • Typically, I don't get to shoot much outside in January. I mean, sure, I can bundle my kids up in snowsuits and force them to smile through chattering teeth. But this winter break while visiting my family in Atlanta, I was so pleased to get an email from the Rubins to see if I would take some (outdo[...]