Emily Martell Is Awesome

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Moss Family Shoot, Thornhill

When Adina told me that she was coming in from Atlanta to visit, the first thing I said was, “We are doing a photoshoot, right?” I wanted a chance at those adorable Moss kids—and I took it! The cool fall-like weather (read: freezing) worked in our favor, surprisingly. And the bubbles and M&Ms certainly helped too. Baby Caleb was pretty chill throughout the whole thing, and didn’t even bat a gorgeous eyelash when I stuffed him into a basket.

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Martell Family Photosession, Vaughan

I had so much fun during this shoot with my kiddos—who are clearly total hams for the camera. We were fighting the rain and the sun for a lot of the morning, but the covered porch we found, and some jokes about iCarly, totally saved the day.