Jacob’s Bar Mitzvah, Thornhill

Photographing milestone moments for friends are — by far — the most special for me. I loved getting to be part of Jacob’s Bar Mitzvah weekend, with a family shoot in the park on Friday and a Havadallah and dance party on Saturday night. Mazel Tov Jacob!


Ezra’s Bar Mitzvah Shoot, Thornhill Woods

I love repeat customers — mostly because watching their kids grow up is really, really special. Two years ago I photographed this Bar Mitzvah boy’s older brother’s mitzvah shoot, and now it was Ezra’s turn. Also, this is funniest and hammiest family ever. They make me laugh throughout every shoot. Mazel Tov Ezra!

Joelle’s Bat Mitzvah Shoot, Thornhill Woods

We used to live in a little place called Thornhill Woods, and the most wonderful thing about it was that our house backed on to the actual woods, which basically gave me an outdoor photo studio of my very own. I would take clients back into the wooded wonderland. When we moved two years ago — to a house that backs on to…another house — I mourned the loss of my woods.

But this summer I got to photograph Joelle and her family on the Friday before her bat mitzvah in MY WOODS.

Mazel Tov Joelle!