Maya’s Bat Mitzvah Party, Toronto

I was so excited to get a chance to photograph Maya and her sisters before her bat mitzvah party began. The park behind their house was glorious, and we took advantage of the gorgeous golden hour (while her little brother napped). Maya’s party was in her living room at her house, and I’ve never seen better energy in a room before — the girls danced, sang, laughed, hula hooped, limbo-ed, and jumped rope all night long, barely having enough time to stop and eat the amazing food and take pics in the fun photo booth.

Maya-Levy-Bat9298 copy Maya-Levy-Bat9326 copy Maya-Levy-Bat9340 copy

Maya-Levy-Bat9361 copy Maya-Levy-Bat9365 copy Maya-Levy-Bat9378 copy Maya-Levy-Bat9441 copy Maya-Levy-Bat9494 copy Maya-Levy-Bat9498 copy Maya-Levy-Bat9506 copy Maya-Levy-Bat9875 copy Maya-Levy-Bat9920 copy

Maya-Levy-Bat0043 copy

Maya-Levy-Bat0070 copyMaya-Levy-Bat0108 copy

Maya-Levy-Bat0154 copy

Maya-Levy-Bat0174 copy

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